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Meeting Report: 18 June 2015

The June 18th "Vendor's NIght" meeting of the OKC section of ASNT was a success! We had four sponsors who graciously donated to our section so that we could continue to hold events for our members into 2016.


The meeting was lightly relatively lightly attended, with six members and one guest in attendance, along with our four sponsors.


The 2015-16 fiscal year approaches, and we will be planning our next round of section meetings soon. Keep an eye on this space for more details.

FREE ASNT NDT Level II Beta Exams

The OKC Section of the American Society for nondestructive testing is pleased to host the next round of ASNT NDT Level II Beta Exams.


There will be two testing sessions, to be held on Saturday, July 25th and Sunday, July 26th in 2015. Each candidate will be required to take a General exam, and a Specific exam for either General Industry (GE) or Pressure Equipment (PE).


Free refresher courses are being offered by Crossroads Institute. The refresher course schedule is as follows:


   6:00 PM, Wednesday, July 22nd -- Liquid Penetrant Testing

   6:00 PM, Thursday, July 23rd -- Magnetic Particle Testing

   6:00 PM, Friday, July 24th -- Ultrasonic Testing


The refresher courses will take place at the same location as the beta exams, at

Crossroads Institute's facility at 1613 SE 66th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73149.


Please call section board member Mark Warner at 405-631-7900 to register for

a refresher course.

Vendor's Night Sponsors:

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