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Next Meeting: 18 June 2015

The next meeting of the OKC section of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing will be on 18 June 2015. This will be a Vendor's Night meeting. If any members would like to see representation from a specific NDT equipment manufacturer, distributor, or vendor, please let us know by email at

Meeting Report: 16 April 2015

The OKC Section Meeting on April 16, 2015 was at Crossroads Institute, 1613 SE 66th St., Oklahoma City, OK.  There were 18 members and 3 guests who attended.  Tilley Pressure Testing sponsored an excellent dinner for the Section Members and guests!  It was catered by Johnny Corino’s Italian Restaurant.


Section Chair Mark Stowers welcomed everyone and thanked the event sponsor, Tilley Pressure Testing.  After introductions of members and guests, Mark spoke about the ASNT Beta Exams that our Section is planning to host in June or July.  He answered questions from interested section members and guests.  Mark, who is the Director of Crossroads Institute, volunteered the use of Crossroads Institute facility for not only the Exams, but for Refresher Courses for those who wish to take the Beta Exams.  By the end of the meeting, there were 5 Level III volunteers to teach the Refresher Courses.  Walt Matulewicz and Mark Stowers will be organizing the Exams and sharing more specific information in the near future.

Mark presented his NDT Awareness Campaign and explained the opportunities for sponsorship.  He expressed concern that here are not enough inspectors to take the place of the aging NDT inspectors in the field.  He said we must get more young people involved in NDT because if we don’t continue to do the NDT work, there will inevitably be catastrophic events.


Visiting ASNT Section Meetings across the U.S. with a trailer sponsored by NDT Companies and Suppliers, Mark will be making presentations to increase awareness of the need for NDT technicians around the world.  He will also be making presentations to local schools/colleges with STEM Programs.

People can keep up with the travels of Mark on his NDT Awareness Campaign at  Sponsors are welcome.

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FREE ASNT NDT Level II Beta Exams

The OKC Section of the American Society for nondestructive testing is pleased to announce the next round of ASNT NDT Level II Beta Exams.


There will be two testing sessions, to be held on Saturday, July 25th and Sunday, July 26th in 2015. Each candidate will be required to take a General exam, and a Specific exam for either General Industry (GE) or Pressure Equipment (PE).


Since there are two testing sessions for this round, each candidate may choose to take tests for two methods!


Available NDT methods for this round are MT, PT, VT, RT, UT, and ET.


Applications for these beta exams must be submitted to ASNT by Saturday, June 20th.


The beta exams will take place at Crossroads Institute's facility at 1613 SE 66th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73149. Free refresher courses, courtesy of Crossroads Institute, will be announced soon.


Click here to download the application.

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NDT Awareness Outreach Efforts

Marla Houck, ASNT OKC Section secretary delivered a presentation to a class of high school seniors at the Community Christian High School in Norman, OKlahoma on Tuesday, April 28th, 2015. She also distributed reading material and promotional items provided by ASNT.


None of the students in the class reported having ever heard of NDT prior to the presentation, but a number of them expressed sincere interest in the field after the presentation was concluded.


The teacher appeared keenly interested in NDT and declared that she would invite the section's representatives to visit with her students again the next school year.